Michelle Hanson, MA, RD,LD
Michelle Hanson, MA, RD,LDAquaTally_cup_greenAquaTally_cup_red


AquaTally is a beautifully simple way to track daily hydration.

  • BPA free
  • Track per cup (8 oz), or per refill
  • Holds 16 oz.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Double walled

Simply turn the white indicator ring to line up with the number of cups you drink throughout the day.


Product Description

Need to drink more than 8 cups a day?

  • Track refills by treating each number on the AquaTally as if it represents 2 cups (16 oz.), instead of 1 cup (8 oz.).  Then just shoot for “your number.”

Managing a fluid restriction?

  • AquaTally provides a great visual reminder to stay within a restriction.
  • Easily add additional fluid sources to your daily tally.

For bulk pricing (minimum order 12) please contact us: Sales@MyAquaTally.com
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“I love it! I think this is a very unique and smart product that meets many of my clients’ needs: 16 oz volume, BPA free, insulation/no sweating and it is an easy and convenient way to track water intake. I can see myself recommending it to many of my clients.”


“For people who find it difficult to drink enough fluids in a day I think this is an excellent tracking tool.  It’s satisfying to spin the ring around to the next number knowing you’ve made progress.  It’s like crossing chores off your to-do list.  Fluid intake = accomplished!”

“This has been a positive addition for both of my parents.  They both thought they were drinking more water than they really were. . . an all to common misconception.”