Michelle Hanson, MA, RD,LD
Michelle Hanson, MA, RD,LDAquaTally_cup_greenAquaTally_cup_red


AquaTally is a beautifully simple way to track daily hydration.

  • BPA free
  • Track per cup (8 oz), or per refill
  • Holds 16 oz.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Double walled

Simply turn the white indicator ring to line up with the number of cups you drink throughout the day.


Product Description

Need to drink more than 8 cups a day?

  • Track refills by treating each number on the AquaTally as if it represents 2 cups (16 oz.), instead of 1 cup (8 oz.).  Then just shoot for “your number.”

Managing a fluid restriction?

  • AquaTally provides a great visual reminder to stay within a restriction.
  • Easily add additional fluid sources to your daily tally.

For bulk pricing (minimum order 12) please contact us: Sales@MyAquaTally.com
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“The size of the cup bottom is nice…I like that it can easily fit into a car cup holder.  I really like that it’s BPA free…being a new 1st time mom, that is really important for me especially with breast feeding my new baby.  I don’t want to ingest any toxins which may be harmful to my baby.  I like how simple it is.  It is a simple solution to tracking water intake.  I had a patient who used to keep track of her fluid intake by putting quarters in her pocket for the day and taking a quarter out for each 8 oz of fluid she drank.  That way she knew how much more she needed to drink before the day was through…how much easier is using something like this?!”

“The AquaTally hydration tracking cup is a valuable tool in helping any individual keep track of the amount of fluids they have consumed in any given day.  It is also very user friendly and it can hold both hot (yes hot,  like coffee) and cold beverages and it is easy to clean. The challenge of getting your total fluid  needs in per day is made simpler with this cup,  what’s not to like?”

“The AquaTally is a simple and effective method of helping anyone keep track of their fluid intake.  Many people, particularly the elderly, are often not adequately hydrated, and this is where the AquaTally can be a reminder for them to get in their daily fluid needs.”