Reviews of AquaTally

Jill Castle, RDN







Hydration and Family Fun

“The folks over at AquaTally have created a solution for tracking fluid intake that helps adults and children (even me!) keep track of their daily fluids. Initially created by a registered nurse for patients with chronic health problems to help them stay on top of hydration, AquaTally may also be useful for growing athletes and health-conscious people like me and you!” Read More.

Karman Meyer, RD







Products I Love: AquaTally

“I found this handy, reusable AquaTally cup that allows you to keep track of your water intake on the cup itself! Who knew the solution to my water shortage could be so simple?! ” Read More.

Jenna Stephens, RD







AquaTally – The Perfect Tool to Keep Track of Hydration

“While pregnant, I made sure I was getting what I needed and had renewed reason to focus on getting it in.  I have been breastfeeding my daughter, and need plenty of water to keep up my supply. I was doing really well, but as my days got busier, I noticed I had days where I was drinking a pitiful amount.  Or, I was getting to the end of the day and couldn’t quite remember how many times I had filled up my water bottle.  The day flies by sometimes and if I didn’t have my cup or water bottle by me all day, I wouldn’t get what I needed!” Read More.

Kelli Worley, MS, RD, LD







Product Review: AquaTally

“I was generously given an AquaTally cup to use and show to my clients.  I’ve been loving it!  It is dishwasher safe (a must for me), can hold hot or cold liquids, is BPA free, and sturdy.  The cup holds 16 oz of fluids and by adjusting the band, you can keep track of how many cups of water you drink each day. Awesome!  I have been enjoying using it and the bright red top reminds me to drink my water.” Read More.

Jamie Vespa, RD


Foodie Friday + AquaTally Discount

“If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture I posted earlier in the week. This simple, yet genius little innovation has me swooned.  It’s a BPA-free reusable tumbler that allows you to track how much water you drink throughout the day. This is an excellent tracking tool for anyone that finds it difficult to drink the recommended 64 ounces. It’s actually really fun to keep track and gives you a sense of accomplishment once you reach the 8th notch. Optimal hydration is crucial for optimal health, and the AquaTally can help you achieve it.” Read More.

Alexia Lewis RD









Mindful Drinking: AquaTally Cup

“Overall, I give it a resoundingly positive review. The only negative thing I found about the cup was my disappointment that more people didn’t ask me about it!” Read More

Toby Amidor RD






Product Review: AquaTally Hydration Tracking Cup

“I loved the simplicity of the cup. The entire idea of keeping track of your water isn’t new, but having the marker right on the cup was smart and easy. There’s no logging onto an app to track anything or remembering numbers in your head. It makes a great stocking stuffer for friends or loved ones who want to start tracking healthy habit.” Read More.

Gypsy Dietitian








AquaTally Giveaway

“While at home, I find it pretty easy to ensure that I am drinking enough water; however, when I am away from the house or busy doing other things, I find it easy to forget to drink enough water. AquaTally makes it a little bit easier.” Read More.

Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE


Hydration is Important Year-Round

“The bottom line is, you should pay attention to how much fluid you get each day, whether you feel thirsty or not. If you have never really thought about this before, you may have no idea just how much fluid you actually consume on an average day.  I recently came across a really neat way to track your fluid intake on a daily basis:  AquaTally is a beautifully simple way to to track your hydration and using it is very easy.” Read More.

Jennifer Lynn-Pullman, MA, RDN, LDN







AquaTally Hydration Cup (Review)

“Do you ever find it difficult to meet your fluid goal for the day?  Do you have trouble just keeping track of how much fluid you are drinking?  AquaTally has a solution.  Their hydration cup enables you to keep track of how many cups of fluid you consume throughout the day.” Read More.

Kati Mora, RD


Around The Plate: The AquaTally Cup

“As the weather gradually begins to climb, you may begin to notice something – that you’re extra thirsty! Hydration is important all year around, but as the temperature rises, we often become more aware of our need for water. Recommendations for daily intake vary, but a good starting point for most individuals is the classic 8 servings a day. Yet how do you know what eight servings look like and how can you be sure you’re getting enough?” Read More.

Alex Economy, RD






Product Review: AquaTally

“The AquaTally is pretty ingenious in it’s simplicity. I’m surprised at how easy it is for me to forget how much water I’ve drank throughout the day. My brain has so many thoughts running through it, it’s nice to have one less thing to keep track of. As someone who likes to check things off my to-do list, it gives me great satisfaction each time I move that ring up a notch. Fluid intake… Check!” Read More.

Kait Fortunato Greenberg, RD

rebel RD






AquaTally Hydration Tracking Cup

“One of my biggest struggles, especially during these cold winter months, is making sure to get enough water. I keep a water bottle with me at all times and try to keep up with refills during the day but sometimes at the end of the night I end up shorter than where I would like to be. I can feel it when my skin is dry and lips are chapped so I have really been trying to work on this.” Read More.

Courtney Stinson, RD




AquaTally: Product Review

“For people who find it difficult to drink enough fluids in a day I think this is an excellent tracking tool.  It’s satisfying to spin the ring around to the next number knowing you’ve made progress.  It’s like crossing chores off your to-do list.  Fluid intake = accomplished!” Read More.

Kassy Pajarillo Lifestyle Fit Blogger







MyAquaTally: Eco Friendly, Be Healthy and Merry

“It’s not rocket science, nor do we have to reiterate to anyone that hydrating your body can dramatically improve what you feel inside and out. AquaTally makes tracking hydration easy. It’s spot on, honest and simple.” Read More.

Chronicles of a Dietitian

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AquaTally Giveaway

“So what is so great about AquaTally‘s hydration cup? It has a rotating dial outside of each cup that helps you “tally” how many cups of water you have had. It sounds simple, but as someone who loves checklists and crossing things off a to-do list, this cup was very encouraging and motivating to try to drink enough water each day. Plus, I find that I drink water faster through a straw, so this feature helps to meet my daily water goal. Even better? The cups can hold other beverages, like hot coffee, and is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.” Read More.

Chrissy Carroll, MPH, RD, LDN


Want a Better Way To Track Everyday Hydration

“If you need a way of tracking your daily hydration requirements, consider checking out some of the products from our friends over at AquaTally.  They’ve got reusable cups with a built in ring that you can shift each time you finish a glass of water to track how much you’ve had to drink.  It’s also BPA-free, which I love.” Read More.


Holly Larson, RD


Product Review: AquaTally

“Overall: Like the product, convenient for me to keep track of how much I drink, I will continue to use the product, I also like drinking from straws and like that it does not spill easily.” Read More.