Hydration Coaching Program

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Clinical Hydration Coaching Steps

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Older Adult Hydration Coaching Program

The AquaTally hydration coaching materials are intended to be used by Registered Dietitians (RDs) who are working with older adults that need help improving their hydration.  The training approach was inspired by a widely used behavioral change model and developed with the support of RDs who are successfully using AquaTally to coach good hydration habits.

Why is this important?

Older adults often struggle with staying appropriately hydrated, understanding the signs of dehydration and adequately adjusting their fluid intake to factors like new medications, activity level and heat. A variety of physiological factors also make older adults more susceptible to dehydration, including the kidney’s decreased ability to concentrate urine, blunted thirst sensation, alterations of cognitive abilities, and decreased mobility. In addition, inadequate fluid intake increases the risk for medical maladies, such as, kidney stones, constipation and urinary tract infections.

A unique aspect of the AquaTally hydration coaching program is that rather than starting with a hydration target for the person, the process begins by building awareness of current habits and reviewing how to assess hydration needs.


Older adult:

  • Feel better
  • Build healthy habit to compensate for changes with age
  • Reduce risk of hospitalization or readmission
  • Reduce risk of hydration related conditions

Registered Dietitian:

  • Reimbursable service through private insurance and Medicare
  • Supportive materials for coaching hydration

Effective and efficient way to coach hydration

  • Coaching steps based on behavioral change model and other RDs’ experiences

Payer or Hospital:

  • Potential to reduce hydration related readmissions
  • Affordable preventative service
  • Reduce hydration related potentially avoidable hospitalizations (PAHs)

Please let us know your experience with the materials and help us continue to improve the program.